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A Novel Approach to Iraqi Currency Investments


After buying more than 200 million dinar in the last two years Quaid was undecided whether it was a great investment or a currency scam. He had learned a great deal about the revaluation date and rate. None of it made a difference to his lifestyle, until now.

His mistress was his only significant expense. Providing him with both a place to live and transportation it seemed a fair trade to pay her expenses. He was very pleased with this arrangement. After ten years of no watch, no regular job and answering to no one he felt fairly autonomous.

His sleek steel mistress, ‘Current Sea’ was 52 feet on the waterline. Conservatively she was worth an easy 250 thousand. He spent a bit less than half that each year on their combined lifestyle. She helped him earn a living. It was not a livelihood that could be defined or categorized. His small network of close friends never asked each other what supported their respective lifestyles. It simply wasn’t done.

There was a great deal of talk and speculation among the cruising crowd about the Iraqi dinar. The timing, rate and likelihood of the Iraqi dinar becoming a recognized internationally traded currency of significant value had been debated for years. Quaid listened but mainly kept his opinions to himself. He considered worldwide economics and a host of other relevant financial considerations when making any international investment. Hedging his bets with an investment in dinar felt like he was betting with the house.

He doubted his current job had anything to do with dinar. It started out simply enough but inexplicably had blown up. He had no clear picture what was in play or why. In part, that was the nature of what he did. There was no control he didn’t suffer from that illusion. He just needed to deal with the current problems. . .

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